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Current Minecraft version: Beta 1.6.6

Help us by donating.
1000 Minebucks- $1
Nether World Access- $5
Freebuild World Access- $10
Police Group Access- $15
City Founder Group Access- $30
Admin Group Access- $50
State of the Server:
As you may be aware of, the server is down.  M_man481516 is currently on vacation but when he returns, he will take the server home to do some work and fixing on it.  There are three areas to be fixed: the management of the server, the server files and plugins, and in game stuff.  Once all this is fixed, the server will be moved back in with naruto4051 at nis new home and the server WILL HAVE A NEW IP.  We are not sure how long this will take and when we will be back up but if you wish to be notified when we know, along with the new IP, send and e-mail to with NOTIFY ME as the subject.  Then once the information is know, you will be contacted via e-mail. 
Server will be moving:
Currently, our server is living with Naruto4051.  He is in the process of moving into another home.  The server will also be moving with him.  An exact date for this is currently unknown, it's looking like early July.  When the date is determined and as it comes nearer, more information will become available.  During the time of the move, the server will obviously be down.  We will try to move it as quick as possible but it may take a few hours to get everything up and running.  Also, we the change in location THE IP WILL CHANGE!!  We are not sure when we will know what the new IP is, if we'll lucky we might find out before the move but more than likely, we won't know what the new IP will be untill we get everything hooked up in the new house.  So check back here for more information; also information will be available in-game in the Openlanding court house and there might be a building in Governmentlanding.  We are sorry for any inconvience this may cause and will try to make things run as quickly and smoothly as possible.

About Us:

We are currently a small Minecraft server with hopes of growing.  We are running Bukkit with a number of plugins.  We are looking for people to help us build awesome things.  We have a number of different groups that you can join.  The guest group is to prevent random people from logging in and griefing since the guest group can't place blocks or use any commands.  The Founders group is reserved for the first five people on the server that helped with building and what not; Zachary_Shock1, Geiger96, m_man481516, tyvuk, and iMonochromatic.

Monsters are currently off until we raise enough money for a better server computer that can handle them.  Please help by donating.

Our server computer isn't the greatest thing but it works.... for now.  It's a five year old e-machine running Linux Ubuntu.  We hope, through donations, to get a new computer with some more horsepower.  Our server is currently sitting in the basement of Naruto4051 (who has been temporarily banned due to griefing) but we hope to someday move it once we receive a steady income.
Server Rules:
Rules can be found in game by typing /rules.
 - '[1] NO Griefing! (unless on your private property)'
  - '[2] Obey ALL Rules!'
  - '[3] Do NOT grief! (unless on ones own property)'
  - '[4] Respect ALL Players (except Gam3r4life and naruto4051)'
  - '[5] Thou shall NOT grief! (unless you own the property)'
  - '[6] Dont take other players items.'
  - '[7] Griefing is BAD! DO NOT DO IT!! (unless you own the land)'
  - '[8] Be Mature- NO sexual content'
  - '[9] In Soviet Russia, buildings grief you!'
 - '[1] NO Griefing! (unless on your private property)'
  - '[2] Obey ALL Rules!'
  - '[3] Do NOT grief! (unless on ones own property)'
  - '[4] Respect ALL Players (except Gam3r4life and naruto4051)'
  - '[5] Thou shall NOT grief! (unless you own the property)'
  - '[6] Dont take other players items.'
  - '[7] Griefing is BAD! DO NOT DO IT!! (unless you own the land)'
  - '[8] Be Mature- NO sexual content'
  - '[9] In Soviet Russia, buildings grief you!'
    [1]- NO Griefing! (unless on your private property)
    [2]- Obey ALL Rules!
    [3]- Do NOT grief! (unless on ones own property)
    [4]- Respect ALL Players (except Gam3r4life and naruto4051)
    [5]- Thou shall NOT grief! (unless you own the property)
    [6]- Don't take other players items.
    [7]- Griefing is BAD! DO NOT DO IT!! (unless you own the land)
    [8]- Be Mature- NO sexual content
    [9]- In Soviet Russia, buildings grief you!
Fail to obey the rules will result in being jailed and possible ban/group demotion.

We take griefing very seriously on our server.  We have a number of plugins to help prevent it but as we found out, we are not grief proof... yet.  Currently the consequence for griefing is demoted to default, jailed and banned (we jail you just incase you become unbanned).  If you want back on you must plead your case to ALL of the Founders and they must ALL agree to let you back in at a bottom class.

What is Griefing?
Griefing is placing blocks on someone else's property without their permission.  It is also the destroying of blocks outside your plot(s) without the permission of either a Founder or the owner of the plot.  Griefing also includes the use of TNT (although through plugins it shouldn't be possible, still don't try it) and lighting forest fires (once again, shouldn't be possible).

Griefing Holidays:
On most US holidays (and if we get bored, maybe some non-US holidays) we will enable griefing on our server.  Anything done during this time will not be saved, including any levels raised or money made.  Some plugins will be disabled (such as WorldGaurd) and others will bed added (such as a plugin that allows you to fly).  EVERYONE (member or not) will have access to the same commands (including /item and /world).  So basically give yourself infinite TNT  (/item 46 -1) and start blowing stuff up.
How to Apply:
If you wish to apply to a new city or a new class you must fill out this form (hyperlink currently not working; see full URL at bottom of this page.  Sorry about that).  This includes all existing members and anyone who may want to join.  If you wish to be notified when your application has been reviewed and either accepted or denied, you may provide an e-mail address where you can be reached at.  E-mail addresses will not be kept or shared with anyone other then the players reviewing the applications.  If your application was denied, the e-mail will explain why you have been denied and you may reapply once the problem has been fixed.  New members may provide links to pictures of things that YOU have built.; we like pictures  :).  To take a screen shot, simply press F1 and F2; this will save the screen shot in the Mincraft folder (defaultly located in the screen shots folder which can be found by pressing Windows Key + R and copying "%appdata%/.minecraft/screenshots" minus the "" and pressing OK ).
Reducing Lag:
We realize that our server currently has some major lag issues.  We need money to buy a new server which will reduce lag significantly.  However until then we have lots of things configured to reduce lag as much as possible.  There is one thing you can do to help with the lag though.  We have this plugin that will store chunk information locally on your computer so that it doesn't have to be fetched from the server each time.  This claims to reduce lag by up to five times so it might be worth doing.

2.) We recommend moving the .jar to your Minecraft folder (windowskey+r and type %appdata%/.minecraft/ in open box and click ok) in a subfolder called CraftProxy because this will generate files and folders in it's base location.
3.) Right click CraftProxy.jar file and click Send To and select Desktop (create shortcut).
4.) Double click the short cut on your desktop you just created.
5.) Under Remote Server change name to and keep the port to 20000.
6.) Leave the information under Local Host the same; Name: localhost, Port: 25565.
7.) Click Start.
8.) In Minecraft go to log into the server but instead of using our IP; erase our IP and type localhost:25565 and connect to that (which is the little server you just set up on your computer which is connected to our server).



We have a full economy ran by iConomy.  All items are on the economy and prices can be found in this handy chart.  Shops can also be made.  The creation of shops is reserved for the merchant class.  iConomy is also linked to a number of differant plugins and is our universal money system.

The first city of the server.  Founded by m_man481516 soon after the server world was created.  There are a number of plots for sale, a public mine, and has a number of shops.  It also has a city jail, public smelting/crafting building, tree cutting garden, insenerator, art museum, church, infinate water hut, library, and a court house where the city rules and building regulations will be found.  Openlanding also houses the Mudkip, Mario, Sonic, and EVE Hulk.  Naruto4051 has built a little farm including a windmill and a barn.

Dsertlanding is the second city of our server founded by zachary_shock1.  It features a hotel, tavern, smelting building and a public mine.  It is now basically a free build area, so have fun  :)

This city is still under construction and is not yet ready!  However, it will be our official spawn location and will have several building explaining rules, commands, class systems and other information pertaining to the server.  Currently it has a hotel and a golden dome with a diamond sphere floating above it.  Governmentlanding will NOT have any plots for sale and will not feature public "work buildings" like a smelting room or mine.

This city is no yet under construction but will be soon-ish.  It will be a city with random buildings and obstacles to enrich the player versus player experience.  There will be a small fee to visit the city.  The city will feature shops for buying of armor, weapons, and food but prices will be more than elsewhere.  No plots will be for sale in PVPlanding.

Underlanding is not yet under construction.  It will be built under Openlanding.  It will be accessible by traveling down the glass pyramid with water flowing over it.  It will have plots for sale along with apartment and hotel rooms to rent.  There will be a number of public buildings such as a mine and a smelting/crafting room.

Icelanding is our first city founded by a player, cocosboy10.  He has a few plots for sale and can always use some help  ;)
Minecraft Updates:
Minecraft is a game in development which means lots of updates.  We are running a mod called Bukkit which manages the server.  Whenever Minecraft updates, the people over at Bukkit have to break down the code and make changes in the mod to support the new update.  This process can take some time.  Whenever Minecraft has an update, check back here and check the current version of Minecraft.  We are sorry for any inconvenience this may or many not cause.  Current Version is 1.6.6
Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated.  All money received goes directly into the server fund.  The server fund will be used to buy a powerful, dedicated server computer.  Once a computer is bought, we will look into moving the server to a better location with better internet connections.  Also, this website could use some updating.  By giving us money, you help with these efforts.  With a better server computer we will be able to hold more players, enable monsters, and have the griefing holidays mentioned above.  Thanks.
Full URL links:
There seems to be issues involving Hyperlinks and Google Docs so here are the full URL's to our Google Docs database.  When a fix becomes available, this will be fixed.

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